Extra Services Can Enable Your Security System to Do More

A person who already has a security system may have motion sensors, door sensors, cameras and more to protect their home and detect an intrusion. Yet, these devices and others can do a whole lot more and can enable a person to automate their home or to be able to control it through their smartphone. A homeowner is going to want to look into both of these to learn more about how extra services can enable their security system to do a whole lot more for them.

Smartphone Control

With just the security system, smartphone control allows a person to arm or disarm the security system, check to see what doors and windows are opened or closed, know when there’s motion in or around the home, and more. With added services and devices, a person can also control the lighting in their home, control the temperature inside the home, and monitor the video from their security cameras easily. All the person will need is to have the devices and the services added to their security system. Then, they’ll be able to control their security system, lights, thermostat, and more from a single app on their smartphone.

Automating the Home

While smartphone control allows a person to do things when they want, automating the home means things happen when certain events happen. For instance, if there is motion detected, the system can send the person a notification. They can also add on extra services and devices that can enable them to automate more of their home. If the motion detector determines they’re entering the kitchen, the kitchen light might automatically come on so they don’t have to struggle to find the light switch in the dark while they’re carrying a lot of groceries.

Both smartphone control and automation for the home can help a homeowner control their home completely and allow them to do what they want when they want, even if they aren’t home. If you’d like to learn more about turning your lights on and off with your phone, making sure tasks can automatically happen to ensure your home is safe, and more, learn more about smartphone control and home automation integrations with your current security system.